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One Design Racing from Sailescapes offers locally built firefly and Corsair Pulses for Phuket regattas such as The Kings Cup and Phuket Race Week and the majority of regattas in Thailand. One design racing is a minimum of 5 identical yachts in their own division racing against one another, many sailors regard this form of racing a true test of their sailing skills as opposed to 'cheque book' sailing. With no handicap needed it is a simple first across the line wins although the fleet can also enter the multihull fleets in effect giving you 2 regattas to race in for the price of one!

Available at a fraction of the cost of OMR or IRC yachts the Corsair Pulse is a superfast 6 metre flying machine that crews with 2 people, the Fireflies crew with 4 or 5 and are even faster than the pulses, the current speed record for a Firefly is 27 knots with regular speeds of 20 knots achieved. 

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