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Racing Catamarans are hugely popular in Phuket Regattas  From the small, very wet but massive fun Corsair Pulses for 2 or 3 crew through the ever competitive Firefly fleet to the hugely powerful modern breed of Stealth Catamarans composite materials, carbon fibre and huge sail areas go hand in hand to produce ultimate performance. 20 knots plus is commonplace on these yachts and is not even mentioned anymore at after race parties, 25 knots and over is when the bragging starts! Trimarans are also welcome in this fleet as they are also multihulls, a rarer breed than Racing Catamarans, Sailescapes are constantly monitoring what is available to offer, call us to see if we have any available, we will only ever offer yachts that are proven regatta winners.

Be aware that Racing Catamarans are so fast they tend to do more races than other divisions in regattas sometimes having three races in a day to other divisions one race and yet the catamaran crews are usually onshore indulging in post race refreshments well before the monohull fleets.

Racing is under the OMR handicap system to make sure all yachts have a chance of podium finishes, if you require more information on our Racing Catamaran fleet or have questions on OMR rules and regulations then feel free to contact us at any time.

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