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Monohull Cruising Divisions in sailing regattas usually make up the majority of yachts in most regattas such as The kings Cup and Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket Race Week. with up to 60 yachts in the larger regattas which are then split into different classes to reflect the different sizes and ratings that a large number of yachts produces. Monohull Cruising Divisions are designed for normal production yachts to enter the thrills and spills of regatta racing without the cost that the thouroughbreds of the IRC class endure.

This does not mean by any means the racing is boring and slow, the Monohull Cruising Divisions usually result in very close racing with many yachts competing for the overall places and the winners bragging rights! Sailescapes policy of only listing proven winners continues in this division, yachts normally thought of as slow cruisers such as Sea Escapes are transformed by adding new oversize rigs and some serious tweaking resulting in performance that can and does embarrass yachts that are meant to be much faster. 

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