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The growth of the Regatta Cruising Catamaran Division in recent years for regattas such as Kings Cup, Phuket Race Week, The Bay Regatta, Samui Regatta and Top of the Gulf regatta has led Sailescapes to offer Cruising Catamarans that fill this need. The Regatta Cruising Catamaran Division allows cruising sailors to enjoy the thrills and spills of regatta racing with like-minded sailors to join in the fun without the hardships of their racing counterparts.

Keeping to the Sailescapes policy of only listing yachts that are past regatta winners we are pleased to offer our selection to the discerning Cruising Catamaran Sailor.

Regatta Cruising Catamaran Division does not require the complex rules that handicap other divisions such as OMR, instead they use a formula of performance handicap which ensures even the big, heavy catamarans can still compete on an even footing, this means you can charter ex regatta yachts such as Da Vinci or Nina or full on cruisers such as a Lagoon 380 and still compete. Catamarans as big as 60ft have entered local regattas quite successfully.

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