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Sailescapes Exclusively Managed Racing Yachts are carefully selected yachts chosen and maintained by Sailescapes Da Vinci Charters.

The yachts reflect the range of divisions in modern regattas and Sailescapes can offer yachts in all divisions, IRC 1, 2, 3 and 4, modern classic, multihull racing and multihull and Monohull cruising. Whichever division you are interested in all Sailescapes Exclusively Managed Racing Yachts are multiple regatta winners such as Farrgo Express, a four time regatta winner including the Raj Muda Regatta and South China Sea Classic, in the last 12 regattas Farrgo Express has entered since Sailescapes acquired her she has never finished a regatta off podium.

When you charter Sailescapes Exclusively Managed Racing Yachts you are also entitled to a one stop service where Sailescapes arrange Hotels (to your instruction) Transfers, Entry Fees into the regatta, IRC or OMR Certificate and tax paid with shore support allowing you to concentrate on sailing to the best of the crews ability with no other distractions.

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Sailescapes Da Vinci Charters are here to make sure your Phuket Regatta Charter is an experience never to be forgotten, we are here to answer all of your questions no matter how small.

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