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IRC Racing Monohulls are still the mainstay of any regatta, IRC is the world’s most popular rating system and is used in all Phuket and Malaysian regattas for monohulls. IRC is then split into many divisions such as IRC 1, 2, 3, 4, Modern Classic, Bare Boat Charter amongst others and your yacht is placed in the division that most closely matches your details.

If you own your own racing yacht a lot of time and money is spent to optimize your yacht to take full advantage of what is allowed in your IRC class to make your yacht as fast as possible whilst still being within the rules of the class.

Sailescapes policy of only listing yachts that are proven regatta winners means all of our yachts are fully optimized to give every possible chance of competing for honours in any division you should care to enter. The eight yachts Sailescapes Yacht Charter offer you in this class have over 30 outright final place wins and more podium finishes than we can count. Yachts such as Madame Butterfly for example has 5 Kings Cup wins alone and was a past World Champion in the ¾ Ton World Championships as well as numerous other regatta firsts to her credit.

Charter your IRC Racing Monohull from Sailescapes and you can be sure that the yacht can do its part, the rest is up to you and your crew.

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