RYA or IYT Sail Training with Sailescapes Phuket

Sailescapes Da Vinci Charters can offer sailing courses with either the RYA or IYT for all your yacht training needs.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and International Yacht Training (IYT) are the two most recognised training and certification bodies world-wide. Both are recognised and endorsed by the MCA, the Maritime Coastguard Agency, this will allow the qualified sailor access to charter boats worldwide. The IYT and RYA certificates also allow the successful sailor to apply for an ICC certificate for European waters.

Unlike other training providers Sailescapes Da Vinci Charters will discuss your training needs individually in every case with either of our Master Mariner Class 1 training Managers making absolutely sure the correct and easiest path is made available on an individual basis to suit your needs and unlike others, not the schedule of the Training Company.

Again, unlike other training providers Sailescapes offer both types of training, Day sailing with theory taught ashore in a classroom or full live aboard training where the students live on the yacht to complete their course, this is a very popular option as it means that the student can have a live aboard cruise and if successful leave with a qualification that you can use anywhere in the world.


Sailescapes can provide training on all types of yacht, monohulls, catamarans and power yachts should a power certificate be needed by the client, courses currently on offer are:

  • Learn to sail
  • Competent crew
  • Bare Boat Captain
  • Yacht Master Coastal
  • Master of Yachts
  • VHF Radio Operator
  • RIB Master
  • ICC Certification.

One of most popular courses is our Zero to Hero Course which can take you from an absolute sailing beginner to Bare Boat Captain in just 11 days! Imagine arriving in one of the world’s best sailing grounds with no experience if yachts, having an 11 day cruise and leaving Phuket qualified to charter your own yacht anywhere in the world.

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