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The Langkawi Regatta is held in early January in 2021 which follows the Kings Cup in December 2020. Langkawi is a duty free Island some 120 miles South of Phuket on the border of Thailand and Malaysia although Langkawi is a Malaysian Island.
The regatta is on the Asian Grand Prix circuit and as such attracts many yachts that are competing on the circuit as well as bare boat, racing, cruising and multi hull yachts.

Attracting around 60 yachts the racing area is again quite amazing although there may be little time to enjoy the scenery, the waters have many variable winds and bays you may wish to gamble getting a lift from so concentration is needed in what is usually a moderate breeze regatta.

Presentations and parties are held from the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club. Where there also is a very nice Hotel should not wish to sleep on board. The yachts all have a berth in the Marina which makes life very easy for repairs and preparation of the yacht.
Although there are yachts, both cruising and racing available in Langkawi a lot of yachts make the trip down from Phuket to compete so the yachts available are numerous for all divisions.

Sailescapes can arrange delivery and return of yachts chartered from Phuket through us at a very modest price so there is no need to limit your selection of yacht.