Yacht Charter Questions

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Here at Sailescapes we pride ourselves on our service to customers and try our best to answer all yacht charter questions clients ask us in a professional and polite manner. With some questions though it is hard to resist a cheeky answer to some of the more unusual questions, below is a small list of the questions we have answered in the last year.

How would you answer these? The person giving the best / funniest replies will win a day sail courtesy of Sailescapes.

1. Can you take a photograph of the sky and send it to me please? I want to know how blue it is !

2. I would like to charter a yacht overnight from Phuket to Koh Phangnan (that is about 800 miles !)

3. Is Phuket in the Pacific Ocean ?

4. Is Myanmar in Malaysia?

5. I have never sailed before, can I charter a yacht from you if you give me a few hours instruction?

6. I have seen a yacht on your web site that sleeps 8 people in 4 cabins, can it sleep 14?

7. How many sunset sails do you do in a day ?

8. Can I have sex on board the boat?

9. It has a motor ? if it has a motor why do you need sails ?

10. If there are no road signs how do you keep from getting lost ?

11. One of our Captains was asked for some clear bottles, when he asked why the lady said so I can take home all the different colours of water !

12. How do you keep track of all the Islands floating around ?